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The union is where our heart is.

Our private and working lives have become increasingly diverse in recent years. It is precisely this diversity of working lives which we at vida want to take account of in our daily work. Our union represents the concerns of more than 136,000 workers in transport and services professions, seeing to it that their quality of life is vouchsafed at all times.

As a movement we pledge full commitment to our members. We are diverse, independent and part of the Austrian union movement. At vida we want to lay down a marker in the interest of workers. Ours is a stable and progressive force where workers come into their own. Social justice, economic and employment measures are focal points in our daily work. vida embraces a democratic and united Europe, pulling its weight to shape our common future. Equality of women and men in business and society is reflected in all our decisions. We firmly condemn all forms of discrimination and marginalisation. Mindful of these premises we strive for continuous improvement of collective agreements.

Our actions and work are built on the trust awarded by our members. We create democratic structures encouraging members to engage and participate at different levels. We assist with forming and maintaining works council bodies, we provide support during conflicts at work and we also represent members involved in litigations with their employers.

We offer advice and support with advanced vocational training along with additional career, cultural and leisure time services. Members and works council representatives wishing to become active in union-relevant issues may rely on us for all necessary tools.

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