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What vida offers

More benefits through vida membership
vida members are automatically insured against various risks at work. They can count on us for support with further training, during unemployment and other circumstances.

More quality of life: collective agreements 
vida is a powerful interest representation committed to improving its members’ quality of life. This is what we fight for, not shying away from conflicts with employers should we encounter them, be it during collective agreement or wage negotiations or in the context of workers’ rights. vida negotiates more than 100 collective agreements annually in the interest of its members.

More rights: legal counsel and legal protection 
vida members are entitled to free legal counsel and legal protection in all matters related to their apprenticeship, employment or service contract. Our experts on labour and social law will gladly assist.
vida, in cooperation with the ÖGB, also provides counselling with issues pertaining to labour and social law in the following languages: Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian, Turkish and Kurdish, as well as Czech and Slovak.

More protection: automatic protection through ÖGB - protection of profession
The ÖGB professional protection includes professional legal protection insurance up to 15,000 euros, as well as professional indemnity insurance up to 75,000 euros for personal injuries and damage to property. Up to 200 euros are paid towards legal counsel and psychological care in the event of mobbing or violence in the workplace.

More safety: ÖGB solidarity insurance
vida also means protection in case of accidents, ranging from per diem hospital allowances (for accidents at work or during leisure time), disability insurance, whole life insurance for accidents during leisure time, to funeral expenses insurance.

More say: participation through co-determination 
vida is at home with all major transport and services companies. We cooperate closely with works council representatives in the interest of our members, covering virtually every aspect as we do. We offer further education and training opportunities for works council representatives and others eager to learn. Members may apply for financial support for the education or training programme of their choice.

More knowledge: see, read and hear vida 
Internet, podcast, magazine or newsletter - you name it - we make sure our members always stay on top of things and are networked through facebook & co. They can contact us 24 hours a day, seven days a week all year round. not only has all the latest news, it is the perfect introduction to the web for newcomers and an added bonus for more experienced users. vida members receive their own e-mail address, enabling them to access various forums to get to know other members of the vida family. The vida magazine containing plenty of services, current information, great tips and competitions is sent out regularly, there is a weekly vida newsletter and a new vida podcast episode - our online audio service on trade union topics - is issued every six to eight weeks.

More clarity: learning opportunities and support
We have a wide selection of information brochures and training documents on trade union issues available as downloads for all our members.

More than an ID: the vida Card
Upon joining the union you are issued a vida Card. It is your key to attractive holiday offers and reduced prices at selected shops and hotels, for cultural and sports events. It also allows you to book into our modern and affordable holiday apartments located in the country’s most beautiful regions.

More support: in cases of emergency
We provide financial support for members in emergency situations, such as serious illness, accidents, hardship or death while still employed. This includes assistance for children of members in the event of disability or incapacity.

More help: for people with special needs
vida supports members who have suffered an accident, helping them to reintegrate into working life and to manage their new everyday lives without barriers.

More solidarity: during unemployment too
Members who have become unemployed through no fault of their own and are out of work within the meaning of the unemployment insurance act receive vida unemployment support.

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